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Various welding processes

Welding sample
Welding and finishing sample for stainless steel

This is a joining technology that uses high temperatures to melt base materials together and integrate them into one piece.
Basically, it is used to join the same materials, but depending on the combination, it is also possible to weld dissimilar materials.

TIG welding

TIG welding
TIG welding

This is a welding process in which a molten rod is melted and joined while using an inert gas (mainly argon) to prevent oxidation.
Although it requires relatively skill, deep penetration and a beautiful welding surface (bead) can be obtained.

Mainly used for stainless steel, iron, and aluminum.
By removing the beads (bead cutting) and polishing to a smooth finish, it is often used in medical, food, and physical and chemical equipment parts.

Laser welding

This is a welding process that uses laser light.
Used for high-precision welding using robot arms.

Precise welding is possible at any desired location, but there are certain conditions, such as the base metals must be in close contact with each other with no gaps, as the filler rod cannot be placed in place.

Electro beam welding (EBW)

This is a welding method that involves colliding an electron beam with the base metal in a vacuum to join them.
Because welding takes place in a vacuum, there is relatively little distortion and deep penetration can be achieved.

This process is often used to manufacture parts for semiconductor-related equipment, but processing costs are high.

We also handle joining processes such as brazing, adhesion, press-fitting, and riveting.

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