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Complexed part
Sheet metal bracket

We manufacture parts for cutting-edge fields such as semiconductors, aircraft, and medical care, as well as industrial machinery.
Through collaboration with over 100 partner companies, we are able to undertake any manufacturing process.
We have a lot of experience in machining complex shapes using advanced machine tools such as 5-axis machining, and in complex process parts by combining various machining processes.

Process technology

Machining center

We have built a network that covers precision machining and various manufacturing processes in order to respond to all manufacturing requests from our customers.

We produce high-quality products and parts using a variety of processing technologies, including machining centers centered on 5-axis processing, NC lathes, wire discharge machining, precision sheet metal processing such as laser cutting and turret punching, various types of welding, surface treatments, and special processing processes. We will supply.

Design support

3D modeling
Improvement proposal
NC programming

Turbine blade


Milling (incl 5-axis)
Grinding etc.


Sheet metal

Laser cutting
Turret punch press
Spinning / Bending



TIG welding
Laser welding
EBW etc.

Aluminum alloy welding

Surface treatment

Plating / painting
Abodize / TUFRAM
Quenching and tempering

Gold plating

Accurate polishing

SEM and medical devices
Keep accuracy
Under Ra 0.8 micron meter

Accurate polishing

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NC milling machine

We specialize in cutting, which is essential for manufacturing precision machined parts in cutting-edge fields such as aerospace and semiconductor manufacturing equipment.
Please try the trust and technology that we have cultivated over many years.

5-axis milling

5axis milling machine

Please try our 5-axis machining for complex and precise parts machining such as aircraft parts, impellers, and rotor blades.

Accurate polishing

Medical device

It is possible to finish with a dimensional change of less than 0.01mm (usually about 1-2μm) and a surface roughness of Ra0.4-0.8μm without compromising shape or processing accuracy.
It is possible to polish areas that are impossible with buffing.

Manufacturing Hub

Factory overview

We have built our own network of partner companies to supply all manufacturing processes.

As a manufacturing hub that serves as a point of contact for customers and as a hub for processing processed products, we supply the best-matched processed products from over 100 specialized processing companies.

All partner companies are Japanese companies.
All of these companies are excellent in terms of quality, delivery, and technical capabilities, as well as continuous supply capabilities, so you can rely on us with confidence.

Our quality control has also been highly evaluated, as we have been entrusted with the supply of mass-produced aircraft parts that require a strict quality control system.
Regarding quality requirements, we respond flexibly to the level of requirements for each individual project.
We can also create, store, and submit quality records in accordance with quality control requirements.

Product examples

Jigg assembly

Our company has been supplying many precision parts and other processed products to customers from various industries and levels.
We supply prototype development single items and high-mix, low-volume production parts to customers in all fields, from cutting-edge fields such as aircraft, semiconductors, and medical care to general industrial machinery and construction.

Please leave it to us for parts with complex shapes, such as impellers and turbine blades, and parts with complex processes that involve various processes.

We cater to all kinds of customers with manufacturing needs, including not only major manufacturers, but also customers outside the manufacturing industry, small and medium-sized businesses, construction companies, and individuals.

We will introduce manufacturing examples to the extent possible.

New inquiries are welcome

Our sales staff, who handle thousands of cases each year, will respond quickly, accurately, and carefully.
Please feel free to contact us by phone or email.

We will do our best to respond to any problems you may have regarding manufacturing.
We have a track record of dealing with major companies, so we can smoothly handle transaction contracts and account opening.
We handle quality audits including at partner factories.

New transactions are summarized on the website below.