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Our strength

We respond to the diverse needs of our customers regarding welding.
We are particularly good at delicate welding using TIG welding, and can weld everything from thin plates of about 1mm thick, such as sinks, to thick plates, such as construction equipment and machined products. We can also handle welding and polishing of sanitary pipes and medical instruments in-house.

One stop service

We are able to consistently respond to any request with our advanced welding technology and comprehensive capabilities that can handle up to pre- and post-processes.

High welding skill

It also supports full circumference welding of round objects such as pipes and three-dimensional shapes. We design and manufacture special jigs as needed.


Various parts and material

We can weld not only stainless steel and iron, but also aluminum.

Welding aluminum alloy

Various types of welding

With our network of partner companies, we can handle a variety of welding including brazing, laser welding, beam welding, and spot welding.

Factory overview

We have a wealth of experience not only in the construction, medical, and food-related fields, but also in the semiconductor-related and precision equipment fields, so you can rely on us with confidence.
We also have a track record of welding lead wires and other wire rods up to Φ1mm.

Welding sample

Welding ornament
Welding ornament

Welding ornament

Our TIG welding technology is maintained at a high standard by skilled workers and continues to improve.

This object was created using only welding (excluding the wire and base).
It is used as a sample of our welding technology.

Works like this, which can be described as a stainless steel version of a 3D pen, cannot be produced without the skill to connect weld beads finely and at regular intervals.

Food processor parts

Food processor part

We welds and polishes the joints of food machinery parts.
Overlay welding takes deformation into consideration in order to maintain strength, which requires skill, but we perform welding and polishing while keeping the overall dimensional accuracy to within ±0.5mm.

Aluminum alloy

Welding aluminum alloy

Welding aluminum alloy requires a special welding machine, and high welding skills are also required.
Our company has extensive experience in aluminum welding, and handles a wide range of products from mechanical parts to sheet metal parts.

Stainless steel


Even thin stainless steel plates, which are prone to welding distortion, can be welded with minimal distortion.
Post-welding processing can be handled in-house.
Please specify burn removal, bead cutting, #400 polishing, hairline, etc. according to your needs.



Our company has been manufacturing stainless steel stirrers for many years.
This field requires the fusion of digital technology and craftsmanship that combines welding and buffing to maintain coaxiality with the rotating shaft and assemble it in a well-balanced manner.

We can manufacture a variety of stirrers including welding assembly type, total cutting type, and casting type.

Please feel free to contact us regarding production of new shapes.