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What is 5-axis machining?

5-axis machining is a cutting-edge machining method among precision machining technologies.
This is an advanced form of milling machine tools, such as machining centers, that can perform multi-face machining with one chuck while rotating the workpiece.

Compared to the machining (3-axis machining) of general machining centers, etc., the feature is that it is equipped with a mechanism that can rotate on two additional axes.
This has the advantage of being able to process complex shapes in a single setup, shortening the process.

5-axis machining image
3-axis machining 5-axis machining

Advantage of 5-axis machining

5-axis machining has the following advantages compared to regular machining centers.

(1) Process can be shortened by consolidating setup work
→ Expected to improve machining accuracy (especially geometric tolerance)
→ You can reduce the man-hours required for setup changes.

(2) Can be machined at an angle
→ It is possible to process deep shapes that cannot be processed normally.
→ Enables machining that avoids the center of the tool, which is not suitable for machining (improves surface roughness)

(3) Machining that can only be done with 5-axis machining is possible
→ Especially shapes that can only be achieved with simultaneous 5-axis machining (such as impellers)

Features of 5-axis machining

A 5-axis processing machine is characterized by the fact that the table that fixes the workpiece can rotate in two axes.
Of course, it is possible to process hexahedrons, but it also has the following features.

(1) The rotation axis can be set independently to any angle.
→ Enables efficient machining of diagonal holes and sloped surfaces

(2) All 5 axes move simultaneously
→ It is also possible to process shapes where 5 axes move synchronously, such as impellers.

(3) Some models have rotating shafts that rotate at high speeds and can perform turning operations similar to lathes.
→ Possible to process round workpieces with one chuck

Shape suitable for 5-axis machining

5-axis machining is suitable for machining complex shapes.
5-axis machining is especially good at shapes that are machined from multiple directions and shapes that have sloped or free-form surfaces.

Multiple directions


ex. Housing, Manifold

Inclined / free-form surfaces

Complex part

ex. Aerospace parts, Prototyping of molded parts

Complex and high precision

Turbine blade

ex. Rotor blade, Turbine blade

Simultaneous 5-axis machining


ex. Impeller




SEM part

Parts feeder parts

Rotor blade

Rotor blade

Ship propeller

Ship propeller

Jig parts

Jig parts

Vacuum block

Vacuum block