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1. Can manufacturing, Welding, Polishing

At Ogawa Technical Works Co., Ltd., we continue to firmly inherit analog technology such as can manufacturing, welding, and polishing of materials such as stainless steel, iron, and aluminum as in-house processes, and are deepening our skills every day.

We handle manufactured products in a variety of fields, but we have a particularly strong track record and strengths in the following fields.

Frame structure

Body frame

At our company, we specialize in manufacturing frame structures that are assembled by welding pipe materials, angle materials, channel materials, etc.
We manufacture various types of frames, equipment frames/casings, trolleys, etc.
We also accept secondary processing such as baking painting, buffing, and machining.

Medical device


We use emery buffs and sisal buffs to polish medical instruments (such as steel instruments such as forceps) and food machinery parts.
Buffing of complex shapes with a wide variety of products in small quantities is one of the processing fields that requires the most craftsmanship.
At our company, we can handle everything from rough polishing of cast and forged materials to final polishing of #400.


Mixer puddle

Our company has been manufacturing stainless steel stirrers for many years.
This is a field that requires the fusion of digital technology and craftsmanship that combines welding and buffing.
Please feel free to contact us regarding production of new shapes.

Kitchen utensils, Architectural metal parts

Stainless wagon

Processed thin stainless steel products are often used in kitchen appliances and architectural hardware (including those for medical facilities).
The thin sheet metal technology that we have cultivated over many years since our founding will be useful in manufacturing stainless steel products such as sinks, hoppers, hoods, and covers.
We make full use of welding technology with minimal distortion and fine-grained buffing technology to produce products that will satisfy your needs.

2. Precision

Ogawa Technical Works Co., Ltd. has partnerships with over 100 specialized processing companies and receives requests for the production of various precision-processed parts.
Particularly in cutting-edge fields such as aerospace and semiconductor manufacturing equipment parts, we respond to requests for single-item products such as prototypes and overhaul products, as well as high-mix, low-volume production.


Turbine blade

We specialize in cutting, which is essential for manufacturing precision machined parts in cutting-edge fields such as aerospace and semiconductor manufacturing equipment.
Please try the trust and technology that we have cultivated over many years.

5-axis machining


Please try our 5-axis machining for complex and precise parts machining such as aircraft parts, impellers, and rotor blades.

Accurate polishing

Medical device

We offer wrapping processing for semiconductor and medical-related precision parts that require cutter marks to be removed. Please try our unique technology that removes cutter marks and improves surface roughness to Ra0.4 to 0.8.

3. Engineering

At Ogawa Technical Works Co., Ltd., we utilize the design and development skills we have gained as an aircraft development engineer to support the development of products, parts, jigs, etc. using 3D CAD.

3D scanning

3D scanning

By combining a 3D scanner and scan data editing software, various shapes, including complex shapes, can be converted into 3D model data.
We have summarized the characteristics of our 3D scanning and precautions to be taken when requesting it.

Accurate measurement by CMM


We are able to perform precise measurements using a three-dimensional measuring machine, which we have cultivated through our daily inspection work in the production of precision parts.

In addition to quality assurance of manufactured parts, we also use it as a process for commissioned inspections and reverse engineering.
We have summarized the principles and operating procedures of 3D measuring machines.