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Cleaning processes in-house

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Our basic policy is to clean all precision machined parts before shipping so that they can be used as is after being delivered to the customer.
Even complex shapes will be cleaned and packaged before delivery.

For materials that are prone to rust, such as iron or copper, we will clean and dry them and then package them in deaerated packaging or coat them with anti-rust oil before shipping.

In addition to cleaning with regular detergents, we also support ultrasonic cleaning and precision cleaning.

Standard cleaning process

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Precision parts

1. Cleaning

Thoroughly wash with neutral detergent and rinse with hot water over 45℃.
Regarding the hole shape, use a cotton swab etc. to clean the inside.
​Repeat this process twice

2. Drying

Remove moisture with air blow etc. and dry thoroughly

3. Degreasing

Wipe the entire surface thoroughly with alcohol to remove oil.
Wear vinyl gloves when working to avoid touching with bare hands.

4. Rust preventation

Apply rust prevention oil to materials that are prone to rust, such as iron and copper.

5. Deaeration

Remove air and pack using a deaeration packing machine.
The size that can be handled is up to the extent to the A4 size bag.
If you can't handle it with a disconnected packing machine, put it in a polyethylene bag and take off as much as possible.

Ultrasonic cleaning

When standard cleaning processes are not enough, we offer ultrasonic cleaning.
By using ultrasonic waves to vibrate the product minutely, it powerfully cleans dirt that adheres to the surface.

Precision cleaning

We can also perform precision cleaning according to specifications when more precise cleaning is required, such as for parts of semiconductor manufacturing equipment.
We will provide you with your cleaning specifications, and we will propose a cleaning and packaging process along with the processing process.