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Experiment mount
Rotating device

We will assist you with the overall design and development of equipment, automated machinery, and jigs.
Since it is possible to design using 3D CAD, you can proceed with development while checking that we are meeting your needs at any time.
In addition, if you have the actual item but no drawings, we also accept reverse engineering, which converts the actual item into 3D data and creates manufacturing-ready drawings.

Equipment development support

Development support image

We provide technical support in every process from commercializing ideas for new mechanical products and devices.

We can handle all aspects of product development, and we can also provide partial assistance with applications such as test and experiment equipment, jigs for production equipment, or just design or prototype production.

We can handle everything from creating proposals and presentation materials that incorporate manufacturing methods, to prototyping and mass production, as well as various analyzes and planning and implementation of test procedures.

3D design


Our job is to realize products to our customers' images.

Through 3D design, we strive to make our customers' images visible, help them visually understand shapes and functions in three dimensions, and help them intuitively understand technical issues that are often difficult to understand.

Reverse engineering

Film slitter

For products and parts for which drawings have been lost, we can measure the actual product, create a drawing, and make it possible to manufacture it.

In addition to converting into 3D data using a 3D scanner, we can also perform precise measurements using coordinate measuring instruments and create drawings that take into account usage conditions. We can also help you with measurements.

Because our company's main business is manufacturing, we are able to reverse engineer products that can actually be manufactured.
After understanding the points necessary to make the product, we will create the final production drawings.

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3D scanning

3D scanning

We would like to explain about the 3D scanning that we offer. Flexible scanning is possible because it uses a handheld 3D scanner.
We can also accommodate relatively large workpieces and on-site work. Scan data can be provided at three levels, so we will make a proposal according to your budget and desired level.

Accurate measurement by CMM

In the manufacturing process of precision mechanical parts that we handle on a daily basis, precision inspections using three-dimensional measuring machines are essential.

This measurement technology is also used for reverse engineering precision parts.
Please request us to use a coordinate measuring machine to perform precise measurements that are not possible with ordinary reverse engineering companies.

Case study

1. Smart automated training machine "1/workout"

Power rack

We are supporting the development of 1/Workout, an unmanned private gym using Japan's first AI-equipped machine, which is being developed by ONE SLASH ONE Co., Ltd. together with TOKYO Fabhub.

From the concept to the development of a prototype, we were able to progress to opening a pilot store in 2022.

This is a very significant case in that it provides entrepreneurs with a development process with minimum cost and minimum risk.

1/workout press release
ONE SLASH ONE Co., Ltd. Homepage

2. Development of jig for power cable connection

Jig for power cable connection

We are supporting the development of a special jig that is being worked on by TEPCO Power Grid, Inc. to save labor and shorten the time required for the external conductor cutting process in power cable connection work.

We have adopted our development support process and are constantly refining our products through repeated prototyping and field testing.

Detailed article on jig development (TOKYO Fabhub)