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Overview polishing

Medical device manufacturer

As a medical device manufacturer, our company undertakes manufacturing and contract processing of medical devices.

Especially for steel instruments such as forceps, we have been contracted to perform buffing and polishing of a wide variety of products in small quantities for many years.
We also have a lot of experience in TIG welding of SUS420 and SUS630.

Please leave your medical device manufacturing and contract processing to us.

Medical device manufacturer Registration number: 13BZ201737

Buffing of medical device (Forceps)

Polishing is a technique that polishes the surface of parts to create a beautiful finish.
Our company undertakes the polishing of medical devices (steel instruments) such as forceps, mainly through buffing.

Steel instruments are produced in a wide variety of small quantities, with large variations in dimensions even within lots, and it is often difficult to automate the polishing process.
In addition, due to the manufacturing process, the polishing process requires a "rough polishing" process, which involves adjusting the shape from a rough surface.

Currently, the number of specialized buffing companies is rapidly decreasing due to a lack of successors.
In particular, there are almost no polishing companies in Tokyo that can handle rough polishing.

At our company, we take advantage of the polishing technology we have cultivated for sheet metal processing, established our own rough polishing process, and accept polishing processing for medical devices.
Most medical equipment is made of stainless steel, but brass and aluminum can also be polished.

Medical device

We can handle from rough polishing!

Even materials with rough surfaces can be polished while adjusting their shape.
This type of polishing is considered difficult, as regular polishing companies cannot perform rough polishing.

At our company, we can not only machine finish, but also polish forged products, cast products, and even after forming with a grinder, while adjusting the shape with a rough polishing process.

Even complex and delicate parts such as forceps can be carefully finished without losing their shape using our skilled techniques.

Rough polishing process

Buff grinder

An "iron buff" (emery buff) is mainly used for the rough polishing process.

An iron buff is a tool with powdered "carborundum" (diamond sand) wrapped in glue on the side of the buff on the wheel.
By wrapping carborundum of the desired particle size around a buff shaped to suit your convenience, it can be used as a polishing tool that can be tailored to various shapes.

It is possible to polish scratches that cannot be removed with final polishing and steps that occur during the molding process while smoothing the shape.
Carborundum particle sizes are available from #60 to #300.

Finish polishing process

Overview polishing

After rough polishing with an iron buff, the product is polished to its final polished state in the final polishing process.
Compatible with general #400 finish and even mirror finish.

Stainless steel medical instruments generally have a finish equivalent to #400.
We use a sisal buff and an abrasive specifically made for stainless steel.

The mirror finish is then polished using a felt/cotton buff and a special polishing material.

Polishing results


We have a track record of polishing approximately 200 to 300 steel instruments per month.

Of course, we handle buffing from rough polishing to various fields such as medical equipment other than forceps, food machinery parts, physical and chemical equipment parts, and semiconductor manufacturing equipment parts.

Kelly forceps, Zuppel forceps, Lister forceps, Pean forceps, Kocher forceps, Allis forceps
Mikulicz forceps, roller forceps, placental forceps, pediatric forceps, various grasping forceps, various peeling forceps
Doyan forceps, vascular forceps, mucosal forceps, Kerrison forceps
Dissector, bone sharpener, periosteal lifter, opening device, thoracotomy device, raspatorium, spatula, various hooks
Retractors, chest openers, nasal mirrors, calipers, and various accessories