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What is development support?

We provide technical support in all processes from the commercialization of ideas for new machines, equipment, products, etc.
We can handle everything from creating proposals and presentation materials that incorporate manufacturing methods, to prototyping and mass production, as well as various analyzes and planning and implementation of test procedures.

We are involved in development and assist our customers as a technical partner (team member).

Rather than undergoing complete development, we work to realize the products and machines that customers are looking for through close communication with our customers and repeating trial and error at each step necessary for development.

Engineering field

Mechanical products

We help companies develop new products. We respond to a variety of needs, from highly functional rollers to drones and robots.


It supports a wide variety of applications and functions, from simple analog devices to complex mechanical devices that incorporate electronic control.

Jigs etc.

We work creatively to meet the various jig manufacturing needs of companies. This is what we are good at and have accumulated a lot of experience.


1. Commit to the process

When we say "committed to the process," we do not mean committing to producing a developed final product, but rather committing to providing the comprehensive technical resources needed at each stage of your development. Rather than undertake the completion of the entire development process, we provide technical support to help companies efficiently and effectively carry out their ongoing activities of developing new products, machinery, equipment, and jigs.

Even if there are uncertain or unknown aspects of product requirements and specifications, we can proceed with development step by step while solidifying our footing, resulting in development at minimum cost while maintaining a sense of speed. Support is available.

Compatible with various stages of development phase

We can accommodate various stages of development. We provide high-level technical resources and solutions at each stage, from technical consulting for product development to actual prototyping and mass production.

For example, let's take a break from creating the "outline design document."

You can clarify requirements and specifications in the outline design document and use it as a document for internal development budget approval and external funding.
At this point, you can decide whether to proceed to the next step or not by receiving realistic feedback such as whether the image is different from what you intended or if you are unable to secure the budget you expected.

It is also possible to stop development or review requirements and specifications at this point. This not only allows you to control risks but also saves you unnecessary costs.

In the production of prototypes, instead of aiming for a finished product all at once, we identify high-priority items when verifying product requirements and technical issues, and create a short cycle (design → prototype → verification → planning). As a result, you can realize speedy development.

Outline design document, 3D CAD

It is extremely important that the proposed ideas and designs have technical support for internal budgeting and for demonstrating the innovativeness and feasibility of the business to investors. It is important to thoroughly verify the feasibility and profitability of the production process at an early stage.

Our strength lies in the fact that we have both a wealth of knowledge in mechanical engineering and an on-site sense that is familiar with manufacturing practices in a wide range of fields. Verifying technology from an upstream manufacturing perspective and from a manufacturing perspective at the manufacturing site will lead to risk control throughout development. In reality, there are many engineers who can only draw drawings, but there are few in the field who can support development from both perspectives.

Three-dimensional CAD (3D CAD) is a powerful tool for technical verification and presentations. At our company, we use 3D CAD from the preliminary design stage to present technical issues that are difficult to understand in a way that can be understood intuitively so that customers can visualize the final form.

2. Joint development

The significance of "Jopint development" is that the main body of business development is the customer.''

As our customer's technical partner, we will be involved in development as if we were a member of the development department. We provide a variety of technical resources to help our customers make appropriate decisions at various stages of development. Our company handles the actual design and manufacturing, but the customer is the one who takes the lead in development.

We do not accept projects from companies that are not willing to actively lead the development. On the other hand, even if you have no manufacturing or technical experience, if you are a customer who wants to take the initiative in developing your product, we will use all of our technical resources to fully support your development.

Assuming trial and error

No matter how great a product or machine idea may seem, if there are incorrect assumptions or overlooked technical issues, it will not turn into a finished product. In order to reduce such risks, it is effective to create prototypes and uncover issues.

However, when it comes to complex products and machines, it is difficult to identify all issues with a single prototype. Therefore, it is necessary to repeat various trials and errors. The concept of joint development envisions that we will go through this process of trial and error together to create an even better product.

3. Separate by phase

In our development support business, we divide the development into various stages and commit to each process.

We will charge you the actual cost of technical resources for each committed process. The advantage is that because each process is separated, uncertain factors are suppressed, and there is no need to add costs that take into account unnecessary risks. Development can often be completed at 1/2 to 1/3 the cost compared to general contract development.

Actual costs include time spent on overall work such as meetings, on-site inspections, and similar case studies.
Depending on the project, unexpected technical issues may be encountered or hypotheses may need to be revised as a result of testing, which may take more time than expected, but we will reimburse the customer for these costs. We will charge you.

In the case of general contract development, costs are added to cover the risks of uncertain factors.
As a result, the customer's cost may be higher than the actual cost, but it will remain within the original budget as it will be the responsibility of the contractor to deal with uncertain factors.

However, there is a risk that the contracting party will face unexpected technical issues and will significantly exceed the budget, and negotiations to increase the budget may occur during the process.

Development record

LED lighting manufacturerI want to develop a successor model to the current LED lighting product at a low cost.We are entrusted with the mechanism design while having repeated discussions with the customer. We created 3D designs and drawings while taking into account heat balance and strength. Currently, mass production and commercialization are being adjusted.
Kitchen utensils companyI want to materialize and commercialize maintenance products for new kitchen equipment.Responsible for designing and prototyping while collaborating with customers on the required specifications of the target product. We will witness the performance confirmation test and make it all the way to commercialization. Currently in the monitoring period for the start of service.
We also plan to undertake mass production.
Health drink manufacturerI want to install a cover on the beverage vending machine.After measuring the actual machine, we design the cover and arrange for the production of a prototype.
We are currently undertaking mass production.
Automotive jig manufacturerI want to design and manufacture jigs for processing large resin molded parts with complex shapes.After confirming the specifications from the customer, we design the product in 3D. We create and draw a symmetrical 3D model based on the 3D data of the molded product.
We also arrange the production of metal cutting parts.
Resin product manufacturerThey have an idea for an innovative resin product, but I don't have the means to make it a reality, so I would like a 3D design.We design the 3D design while checking the balance such as removing meat. The customer is currently considering mass production.