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1. Welded stirrers

Ogawa Seisakusho Co., Ltd. has been manufacturing welded stirrers for food machinery and scientific equipment for a long time.

In addition to simple flat stirrers, we can also produce three-dimensional and spiral stirrers.
We manufacture not only general stainless steel (SUS304) but also SUS316.
Since it has a buffed finish, it is widely used not only in food machinery but also in medical and physical chemistry equipment.

Welded stirrers require a high level of craftsmanship to align the center axis, but at Ogawa Seisakusho, we are able to manufacture highly accurate stirrers by combining the craftsmanship we have cultivated over many years with digital technology.

Flat shaped stirrers

Flat shaped stirrer

Three dimensional stirrers

Three dimensional stirrer

Spiral stirrers

Spiral stirrer

Screw stirrers

Screw stirrer

Of course, the welded area will be bead cut and polished.
Depending on your request, it is also possible to add electrolytic polishing treatment afterwards.

Food processor parts

What is bead cut?

Bead cutting is a process in which the overlay part of a weld is shaved to create a smooth surface.
In the food machinery, medical, physical and chemical, and semiconductor industries, bead cutting and polishing are required because deposits cannot be easily removed if the weld padding remains exposed.

2. Machined stirrers

By making full use of cutting technology such as 5-axis machining, it is possible to create stirrers that combine various elements as shown in the diagram below.
Please leave it to us to manufacture precision stirrers that require precision such as coaxiality.

Machined stirrer example 1

Machined stirrer

Machined stirrer example 2

Machined stirrer

3. Casted stirrers

In addition to welding and cutting, we can also manufacture cast stirrers using lost wax, etc.
Lost wax can be made of stainless steel or aluminum alloy.
Our buffing technology allows us to consistently handle everything from cast surfaces to #400 polished finishes.

Please contact us for details.