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Ogawa Technical Works Co., Ltd. is a metal processing company in Katsushika-ku, Tokyo that has been mainly engaged in sheet metal, frame structure manufacturing, and polishing processing of stainless steel for over 60 years.
Currently, while we are further deepening our in-house processes such as frame structure manufacturing assembly and polishing, which are processes that can only be done by hand by craftsmen, we are collaborating with over 100 partner companies to produce all kinds of precision parts and industrial parts, as well as 3D CAD and digital technology. We carry out a wide range of businesses, including design and development support services that utilize technology.

Company information

Company nameOgawa Technical Works Co., Ltd.
PresidentHiroyuki OGAWA
Capital8,000,000 JPY
Founding year1953 January
Establishment2015 January
LocationPost code 124-0021
Hosoda 1-10-20, Katsushika-ku, Tokyo in Japan
ContactTEL: +81-33657-4196
FAX: +81-33673-4755
Mail: info@ogawa-tech.jp
Web sitehttps://en.tokyo-machinery.com
ManagerMasayoshi OGAWA
CustomerAnyone who want to realize products
- Makers (Aerospace, Semiconductor manufacturing equipment, Food processor, etc.)
- Manufacturers
- Research institutes
- Construction company
- Individuals
PermissionMedical device manufacturer: 13BZ201737
Qualified invoice issuer: T3011801029769
Main bankMitsubishi UFJ bank, Koiwa branch


Location: Hosoda 1-10-20, Katsushika-ku, Tokyo in Japan


Director Masayoshi OGAWA

We believe that our role is not only to simply provide processed products and technical resources, but also to contribute to increasing the added value of our customers' products and services, and we provide unique manufacturing services not found elsewhere. I'm coming.

I think there are still many things that we can't do, but we appreciate your continued support.

Born in 1980. After completing his master's degree at Keio University, he joined the Aerospace Company of Fuji Heavy Industries, Ltd. (now Subaru). He is involved in the development of new aircraft. He took up his current position after undergoing training at a precision machining company. He is in charge of sales technology.


1953Founded by Genjiro Ogawa as “Ogawa Seisakusho”
Mainly manufactures kitchen appliances and gas rice cookers.
1967Hiroyuki Ogawa (currently president) joined the company.
1975Started manufacturing architectural metal parts in parallel with kitchen equipment.
1985Hiroyuki Ogawa is appointed as the second president.
2012Masayoshi Ogawa (current director) joins the company
In addition to the conventional sheet metal business, we started precision parts and development support business.
2014Started manufacturing and supplying aircraft parts.
Started medical equipment polishing business.
2015Incorporated and established “Ogawa Technical Works Co., Ltd.”
Hiroyuki Ogawa was appointed as president.
Masayoshi Ogawa was appointed as director (in charge of sales technology).
2023Medical device manufacturer registration