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What is manufacturing hub?

Factory overview

By collaborating with more than 100 domestic partner companies, we provide full service to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

As a "manufacturing hub company," we work with partner companies that specialize in various types of processing to realize all kinds of processed products.
We organize processed products that require multiple processes and select processing companies with the most suitable machinery and equipment to provide the processed products that our customers truly desire.

By constantly exchanging information with our partner companies, we understand each other's workloads, areas of strength, new challenges, etc., so we are able to achieve the best matching for each project.
Based on the needs and drawings received from the customer, we can coordinate with the partner that is most appropriate for the quality, cost, and delivery time that the customer wants to achieve, and we are able to consistently coordinate the process.

Why is manufacturing hub needed?

Our company functions as a manufacturing hub, serving as a point of contact for processing parts in bulk. In recent years, as the number of processed parts has become smaller and more diverse, it has become increasingly difficult for orderers to know which parts to order from which factories (suppliers).

An increasing number of factories are also refining their unique technologies and focusing on deepening their specialized processes rather than diversifying their processes. On the ordering side, we would like to make all requests all at once, but on the supplying side, the window that each company can respond to is narrowing.

What often happens here is ``shuffling around'' of processing projects due to a mismatch between the ordering desks. The good thing about this is that, although there are only a limited number of companies that can ultimately respond, there are various intermediary companies involved. This increases margins and makes communication difficult.

In order to solve these issues, we accept requests all at once as a "manufacturing hub company" and act as a bridge between our trusted "partner companies."

Our greatest strength is our ability to achieve high quality based on our sense of speed and absolute trust, as we work together as processing partners on a regular basis.
Because we also carry out machine design and processing processes in-house, we are able to propose appropriate and practical shape changes and processing methods to our customers.

Additionally, our company undertakes processes such as inspection, hand finishing, cleaning, and packaging, so we are different from so-called trading companies, which outsource everything.
As a group (small and medium-sized manufacturing cluster), we have built a system that allows us to undertake all manufacturing processes.

Please feel free to leave it to us.

Partner company

Sheet metal processing

Precise sheet metal processing

This is a partner company that is located near our company and has been providing precision sheet metal services for many years.
We have about 10 employees, but we have the processing machines necessary for precision sheet metal processing, such as laser processing machines, turret punches, benders, and press machines.

We have maintained a long and deep relationship with our company, which mainly handles general-purpose sheet metal, can manufacturing, and polishing, as we complement each other's skills and equipment. It is common practice to create drawings and have them manufactured on the same day. We are connected by a strong relationship of trust.


We are a partner company mainly engaged in machining.
Although we perform lathe and machining processes in-house, we also work with partner companies to handle a wide range of processes, including heat treatment, surface treatment, and processing outside of our own processes (wire cutting, precision sheet metal, etc.).

Although we are a small company, we are a highly comprehensive company that even assembles the equipment itself in-house. We also have a deep knowledge of design, and our engineers often consult with us on processing methods and other matters before finalizing the design details.

Factory overview


We mainly ask for precision machining, mainly 5-axis machining.

We have strengths in high value-added machining, such as simultaneous 5-axis machining of impellers and turbine blades.
We are a partner company with comprehensive capabilities that allow us to perform wire cutting, surface grinding, TIG welding, and brazing in-house.

When it comes to 5-axis machining and 3D modeling, our company and the engineers in charge have been discussing the process and other issues, and we have produced many cutting-edge processed products and have accumulated a wealth of experience.

Available processing/technical fields

FieldContentPartner number
DesignEquipment, mechanisms, parts, strength analysis16
3D modelingModeling work using various types of 3D CAD38
3D scanningScanning work with 3D scanner5
MaterialSteel aluminum, titanium, magnesium alloy, resin, ceramics, etc.15
LatheGeneral-purpose, NC, composite, automatic lathe32
MillingGeneral purpose, NC, 5 axis71
Grinding/polishingCylindrical, flat, buff, fluid, special26
Electrical discharge machiningWire, EDM10
Sheet metalLaser cutting, turret punch, spatula drawing, press, etc.16
WeldingTIG welding, laser welding, beam welding, spot welding, etc.23
Plating/anodizeVarious plating (chromium, zinc, nickel, gold, etc.), alumite, TUFRAM13
PaintBaked paint, special coating (fluorine coating, etc.)7
Printing/engravingSilk screen printing, mechanical engraving, laser marking, etc.3
Heat treatmentInduction hardening, carburizing, annealing, etc.3
Special processingGear cutting, FRP processing, precious metal processing, etc.13
Moldpress, rubber, resin10
MoldingInjection molding, casting, lost wax, pressing (single-shot, progressive) etc.6