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Precision: Semicon, Aerospace, Energy
Handwork: Medical device


Ogawa Technical Works Co., Ltd. manufactures metal products and parts for cutting-edge fields such as aircraft, semiconductors, and medical, as well as architecture and all other fields.

Our strength lies in our comprehensive ability to flexibly combine processes that make full use of a variety of manufacturing methods, from manufacturing using state-of-the-art equipment such as 5-axis processing machines to handwork (welding, polishing, assembly, etc.) that only skilled craftsmen can perform.
In addition to manufacturing, we can also assist with upstream processes such as design and development support using 3D CAD.

Customers who are looking for a new supplier and customers who have no knowledge of manufacturing are also welcome.
If we can be of any assistance to you, please feel free to contact us.

Frame structure, Welding, Polishing, Assembly


We handle processing processes that can only be done by hand, such as buffing, welding, and assembly.
We also specialize in the production of frames, frames, and trolleys using can manufacturing, as well as general-purpose sheet metal processing.

Skilled workers are retiring one after another, and there is now a serious shortage of workers in this type of handwork, but we are working to pass on this handwork craftsmanship to young people as soon as possible, and have established a system that will allow us to continue supplying this work for the next 30 years. Ta.

Please leave the manufacturing, welding, and polishing of medical equipment, food machinery, and physical and chemical equipment to us.
(Registered as a medical device manufacturer)

Precision parts


We manufacture parts for cutting-edge fields such as semiconductor manufacturing equipment, aircraft, medical and physical science, and industrial machinery.

Through collaboration with over 100 partner companies in Japan, we are able to undertake any manufacturing process.

We have a lot of experience in machining complex shapes using advanced machine tools such as 5-axis processing machines, and in complex process parts by combining various machining processes.

Engineering support


We will assist you with the overall design and development of new equipment, automated machinery, and jigs.

Since it is possible to design using 3D CAD, you can proceed with development while checking that we are meeting your needs at any time.

In addition, if you have the actual item but no drawings, we also accept "reverse engineering", which converts the actual item into 3D data and creates manufacturing-ready drawings.


Medical deviceMedical device
Manufacturing of medical devices
Medical parts
Food processorMixer puddle
Frame structure
Design and manufacturing of special puddle
All around meldment and polishing for stainless parts
Scientific equipmentFrame strucure
Component parts
Tank, Sink, Funnel
Hopper, Body frame, Panels, Covers
Frame and sheet metals
Architectural metal parts
Industrial metal parts
Steps, Gates, Stairs, Handles, Cabinets
Wagon, Carriage, Showcase
Stay, Bracket, Other metal parts
Semiconductor manufacturing EquipmentPrecision partsCritical parts around wafer
Cassette, Deposition ring, Arms
Material: Stainless, Alluminum alloy, Titanium, PEEK, PTFE
Surface treatment: Plating, Anodize, Paint
Cleaning and vacuum packing
AerospacePrecison parts
- Structural parts
- Critical parts around engine
Milling including 5-axis processing
Quality control for customer requirements
OtherIndustrial partsComplex shape: Impeller, Turbine blade, Parts fieder
High speed rotating parts: Rotor blade, Screw

One stop ordering style including heat treatment, each processing and surface treatment
Partnership with more than 100 factories

Machining: Milling, Lathe, Wire cutting, Grinding

Sheet metal: Laser cutting, Tarret punching, Press, Sppining

Vending: Press brake, Pipe vending, Hopper vending

Welding: TIG weldment, Laser weldment, EBW, Brazing

Surface treatment:
- Polishing(Liquid, Electrolytic, Buff)
- Plating(Gold, Silver, Crome, Zinc, Nickel)
- Painting(Baked paint, Urethane paint, Teflon coating)

Heat treatment:
- Quenching and tempering
- Induction hardening
- Anneal
Jigg and equipmentEngineering service and development support
HealthcareHealthcare equipment
Training machine
Engineering service and development support
Other eningineering3D designing
Reverse engineering
3D scanning and exact measurement by CMM
3D designing by 3D CAD