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We mainly handle processing processes that can only be done by hand, such as stainless steel buffing, welding, and assembly.
Skilled workers are retiring one after another in this type of handwork, and there is now a serious shortage of workers.

At our company, we are quick to pass on this handcrafted craftsmanship to younger generations, and have established a system that will allow us to continue supplying our products for the next 30 years.
We have a lot of experience in manufacturing stainless steel, iron, and aluminum frames, frames, and trolleys, polishing medical equipment, and manufacturing parts for physical and chemical equipment and food processing machines.

Please leave the production, welding, polishing, and assembly of medical equipment, food processing machinery, and physical and chemical equipment to us.

1. Frame structure

Display bracket

We manufacture canned products by cutting, welding, and assembling angle materials, pipe materials, etc., which require the analog processing techniques of craftsmen.

We also handle complex can manufacturing products that combine sheet metal parts and machined parts.

We can handle iron, stainless steel, and aluminum materials.
We can accommodate a variety of sizes, from large objects over 2m to palm-sized objects.

It is also possible to achieve a high-precision finish using baked painting, buffing (#400), or secondary machining.

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Frame structure


We specialize in manufacturing frame structures that are assembled by welding pipe materials, angle materials, channel materials, etc.
We manufacture various types of frames, equipment frames/casings, trolleys, etc.
We also accept secondary processing such as baking painting, buffing, and machining.

Kitchen utensil and architectural metal parts

Stainless wagon

Processed thin stainless steel products are often used in kitchen appliances and architectural hardware (including those for medical facilities).
The thin sheet metal technology that we have cultivated over many years since our founding will be useful in manufacturing stainless steel products such as sinks, hoppers, hoods, and covers.
We make full use of welding technology with minimal distortion and fine-grained buffing technology to produce products that will satisfy your needs.

2. Polishing

We provide buffing and polishing services for medical equipment, food processing machinery, physical and chemical equipment parts, etc.
We have independently researched iron buffs (emery buffs) and can handle polishing processes of various shapes and grain sizes.
The standard polishing finish is equivalent to #400, but mirror polishing is also possible.

In particular, in the rough polishing process, we have the technology to polish materials such as forged, welded products, and hot materials to a level where final polishing is possible while adjusting the shape.
Our company mainly consists of craftsmen in their 30s and 40s, who work hard to improve their skills every day.

We also offer precision hand polishing for semiconductor and medical-related precision mechanical parts, which polishes to around Ra1.0 while maintaining dimensional accuracy.
The dimensional change is about 1 to 2 μm.

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Medical devices


We specialize in polishing medical equipment (steel instruments such as forceps, etc.) and food processing machine parts using emery buffs and sisal buffs.
Buffing of complex shapes with a wide variety of products in small quantities is one of the processing fields that requires the most craftsmanship.
At our company, we can handle everything from rough polishing of cast and forged materials to final polishing of #400.

3. Welding

Precise welding is possible by skilled TIG welding technicians.

We can also handle stainless steel, which tends to warp, and aluminum, which is difficult to weld.

After welding, please specify burn removal, bead cutting, and polishing.
Polishing can also be done in-house.

We are particularly good at welding thin walls all around, such as welding ferrules to sanitary pipes.
Stable welding is possible using a rotary table.
Of course, after welding, it is possible to buff and polish the inside and outside surfaces.

Additionally, welding processes that cannot be handled by our company, such as spot welding, laser welding, semi-automatic welding, and electron beam welding, can be handled through collaboration with partner companies.

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Our company has been manufacturing stainless steel stirrers for many years.
This is a field that requires the fusion of digital technology and craftsmanship that combines welding and buffing.
Please feel free to contact us regarding production of new shapes.